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Faculty Web Seminar Series

Through dynamic teaching and cutting-edge research, Fuqua’s faculty are key to the school’s success. Fuqua has one of the most productive research faculties of any business school, and our research is making waves with both academics and practitioners.


Gavan Fitzsimons

Gavan Fitzsimons on Brand Compatibility

Join us for our September 2018 Fuqua Faculty Conversation as Gavan Fitzsimons, Edward S. & Rose K. Donnell Professor of Marketing and Psychology, presents: Brand Compatibility In this short video you will learn: If it matters that you and your partner are brand compatible How brand compatibility affects your overall happiness If Grandma’s dating advice matters […]

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Sanyin Siang

Sanyin Siang on The Launch Mindset

Join us for our January 2018 Fuqua Faculty Conversation as Sanyin Siang ’96, MBA ’03, Executive Director of Fuqua/Coach K Center on Leadership & Ethics, presents: The Launch Mindset Self-doubt, fear of failure, lack of time are some of the major obstacles to launching your next idea, business, or career. Successful launches have as much to […]

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Victor Bennett and Ronnie Chatterji

Victor Bennett and Ronnie Chatterji on “What Do Entrepreneurs Do?”

Join us for our August 2017 Fuqua Faculty Conversation as Victor Bennett, Assistant Professor of Strategy, and Ronnie Chatterji, Associate Professor of Strategy, present: What Do Entrepreneurs Do? In this session, we will discuss: • What kind of person considers becoming an entrepreneur? • What steps do they take? • What holds them back from actually starting a […]

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