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Gavan Fitzsimons

Gavan Fitzsimons on The Unconscious Consumer

June 8, 2012

Gavan Fitzsimons

Join Professor Gavan Fitzsimons as he presents “The Unconscious Consumer.” We will discuss:

  • How much more of consumer choice is driven by factors outside of conscious awareness than we might like to believe
  • Some of the latest findings on how our nonconscious system can help us to eat healthier or lead us to eat far worse than we’d like to
  • Work we’ve just completed that shows that choosing between brands can substantially reduce people’s belief in God

Professor Fitzsimons’ session took place in August 2012.

View Professor Fitzsimons’ Bio (PDF)



Pre-recorded Video


Live Session Recording


  1. Fantastic content and very interesting. I will be covering similar themes in my shopper column below. Well be following you closely! http://www.marklives.com/wordpress/2013/03/the-sell-is-pretty-enough/

  2. Really interesting. I would like to see a tie back to evolution to complete the explanation as to why consumers do this or that. Tying it back to evolution will allow us to extrapolate from a basic need or from a survival perspective.

  3. Awesome background music!

  4. Thank you. Very informative session, and for some topics (religiosity) quite surprising.

  5. how do you learn more about the unconscious associations that exist with your brand?

  6. I enjoyed the prerecorded session very much and I look forward to the live chat (although I am only 50/50 since my wife is due any day).

    How familiar are you with the work of a marketing consultant named Martin Lindstrom? In his book “Buyology” he has a little section on religion and brands that is similar to your research and I was wondering what you think (pp 109-127).

  7. Great video. Reminded me of the questionnaire we completed during Orientation. I was hoping for the “Hungry? Eat More Popcorn” joke that Gavan included in the debrief presentation back then. Looking forward to attending!

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