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Allan Lind on Leadership “Heuristics:” Keys to establishing leadership quickly

September 11, 2012

Research by Fuqua Professors Lind and Sim Sitkin, working in conjunction with Annick Jansen and Lester Levy (scholars at the University of Auckland in New Zealand), has shown that there are several types of leadership actions that give rise to “fast leadership connections.” The research shows three factors in particular that seem to help new leaders establish trust and credibility with those they will lead.

The three factors are:

  • Leader sacrifice or investment. When new leaders make it clear that they are willing to invest their own time or put themselves at risk for the benefit of the team, followers’ assessments of their leadership potential goes up very quickly.
  • Leader-follower shared values. When new leaders behave in a way that makes it clear they share some important values with those they lead, the leader-follower connection “clicks” more quickly.
  • Fairness. People care a lot about whether they will be treated fairly by those with authority over them. When a new leader demonstrates a lack of bias or a willingness to respect people of all backgrounds, his or her leadership gets an immediate, and lasting, boost.

Join Professor Allan Lind as he presents “Leadership ‘Heuristics:’ Keys to establishing leadership quickly.” We will discuss:

  • Ways research can help you step into new leadership positions
  • Specific behaviors that show leadership
  • The science behind the research

Professor Lind’s session took place in October 2012.

View Professor Lind’s Bio (PDF)



Pre-recorded Video


Live Session Recording


  1. Thanks so much, Allan. Helpful, pointed information–and it’s based on data! Perfect timing, too, as my sons in college have been wondering aloud whether a class on Leadership is worth their time. So happy I can share this with them, and with coworkers struggling to transition into a leadership role. Jill (CCMBA 02)

  2. Allan, Your chat was refreshing and very informative. I just listed to the recorded session and the pre-recorded video. What other resources might your recommend for further study, personal assessment and reflection? Thank you, Jocelyn (Daytime ’02)

  3. Great job.
    Thank you.

  4. Did your research balance personal leadership and leadership behaviors of large organizations? Were certain conflicts identified?

  5. Andrea Carpenter, '92 Daytime

    Well done. I regret that I’m unable to participate today at 11!

  6. Three years post GEMBA and I still reference the Six Domains Leadership Pyramid as a framework for developing tactics to employ (for each domain) and as a self-check on what I am consciously/scientifically doing every day to progress the journey toward being the most effective leader I can be.

    “Keys to establishing leadership quickly” is a terrific compliment to the foundational leadership tool set provided by Prof. Lind. I look forward to the call.

    Prof. Lind, you are the gift that keeps on giving sir—Thank you!

  7. Allan,

    Really appreciated the leaders you chooes as example for the three heuristics. Very insightful and powerful research.

    Thank you, very eloquently delivered.


  8. Fantastic overview Prof. Lind! Watched this before beginning my work day and it surely inspired me to be my very best and continue to practice key tenets of leadership that you summarized so well. Thank you for making my day!

  9. Great quality of thought & examples, the communication and the images/music… resulting in a very engaging 15 mins. piece. Well done!

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