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Bill Mayew and Mohan Venkatachalam

Bill Mayew & Mohan Venkatachalam on Executive Pitch

May 28, 2013

Bill Mayew and Mohan Venkatachalam

Join us as Bill Mayew, Associate Professor of Accounting, and Mohan Venkatachalam, R. J. Reynolds Professorship in Business Administration, present:

Executive Pitch: How voice influences who gets to the c-suite and how the financial market fares

In this session, you will learn:

  • That emotions from executives’ voices can inform capital market participants
  • That tactical behavioral assessment is an emerging tool for identifying financial fraud
  • That vocal characteristics like voice pitch play a role in the selection of corporate leaders

The session with Professors Mayew and Venkatachalam took place in June 2013.

View Professor Mayew’s Bio (PDF) View Professor Venkatachalam’s Bio (PDF)

Pre-recorded Video

Live Session Recording


  1. Have you written a research paper that I can access?

  2. Veeraindar Goli

    Fascinating research. Subtle emotional cues may be multifactorial, so would like to know of any confounding factors. Also would be interesting to know training can change vocal characteristics.

  3. Looking forward to it.

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