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David McAdams

David McAdams on Game Theory, Molecular Diagnosis, and the Cure for Antibiotic Resistance

July 16, 2013

David McAdams

In our August 2013 Fuqua Faculty Conversation, David McAdams, Professor of Economics, discussed “Game Theory, Molecular Diagnosis, and the Cure for Antibiotic Resistance.”

Participants learned:

  • Why we face a global crisis of antibiotic resistance
  • How molecular diagnosis “changes the game” of medical treatment
  • What new strategic options we now have to reverse antibiotic resistance

Both the “pre-reading” video and a recording of the live online session with Professor McAdams are available below. Professor McAdams was joined in the live discussion by MBA student Manisha Bhattacharya ’14 and David Ridley, Dr. and Mrs. Frank A. Riddick Associate Professor of the Practice of Business and Economics and Faculty Director of Fuqua’s Health Sector Management program.

Professor McAdams’ session took place in August 2013.

View Professor McAdams’ Bio

Pre-Recorded Video

Live Session Recording


  1. I was on the fence about applying to Duke for an MBA, but after watching this video, I’m on board. I work in a molecular diagnostic company and it’s great to see something so tailored to what I do, especially from a top school. The discussion panel was great.

  2. Christina Blanco

    The pre-video was excellent! Thank you for taking the team to create.

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