David Ridley on How a Priority Review Voucher Became Law

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David Ridley

Join us for our February Fuqua Faculty Conversation with David Ridley, Dr. and Mrs. Frank A. Riddick Associate Professor of the Practice of Business and Economics and Faculty Director of the Health Sector Management Program. Professor Ridley will present:

Fuqua Research into Action: The Priority Review Voucher

In 2006, Fuqua Professors David Ridley, Henry Grabowski, and Jeff Moe published a paper proposing a priority review voucher. The voucher became law the following year. The voucher rewards developers of drugs for neglected diseases.

Participants will:

  • hear from one of the Duke faculty who proposed the priority review voucher which became law
  • learn how drug development incentives are changing and what it means for patients, payers, providers, and manufacturers

The pre-reading video is posted above. In case you missed the live session on February 26, a recording will be posted shortly.

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3 Responses to “David Ridley on How a Priority Review Voucher Became Law”
  1. Excellent presentations! Love this approach to Life Long Learning for Duke Alumni and Friends!

  2. Nina says:

    I loved the presentation! Great to hear updates on how vouchers are actually being granted.

  3. Gavin Uchida says:

    I’m very much looking forward to this presentation. Thank you for sharing this exciting work with us.

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