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Fernando Bernstein on Online Retailing

September 16, 2014

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Fernando Bernstein

Join us for our October Fuqua Faculty Conversation as Fernando Bernstein, Professor of Operations Management, presents:

Online Retailing: A Personalized Shopping Experience

A recent report on U.S. retail sales estimates that by 2017 online retailing will account for 10% of all retail sales in the country. Retailers have been investing heavily in their online sales divisions, including investments in diverse technologies, such as sophisticated analytics and personalization tools. In contrast to traditional bricks-and-mortar stores, online retailers can easily collect personal information and record their customers’ purchase histories. As a result, online retailers are able to send personalized promotions or display customized recommendations to individual customers based on their personal information and browsing and purchasing history. This can effectively enhance the customers’ shopping experience and influence their purchasing activities.

Prof. Bernstein’s talk will provide an overview of companies’ efforts to personalize the customer’s online purchasing process. In particular, the talk will describe his study on assortment customization.

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