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Christine Moorman

Christine Moorman on Managing Social Media and Marketing Analytics

January 7, 2015

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Christine Moorman

In our February Fuqua Faculty Conversation, Christine Moorman, T. Austin Finch, Sr. Professor of Business Administration, presented:

Managing Social Media and Marketing Analytics for Competitive Advantage

The field of marketing is being transformed by the introduction of social media and marketing analytics. Both social media, as a new strategy for acquiring and engaging with customers, and marketing analytics, a big data approach to understanding customers and driving marketing action, represent innovations that must be understood and adopted within organizations.

Professor Moorman’s talk will use data from The CMO Survey to shed light on the key challenges companies face in managing these activities effectively and efficiently even as they learn about these new ways of approaching marketing. Longitudinal data from 2008 to the present from marketing leaders across an array of industries will be used to offer useful benchmarks to companies and to offer insights into best practices for managing these activities for competitive advantage. In particular, the talk will examine investment levels, how social media is integrated with marketing strategy, how social media is being measured, the use of marketing analytics, and when marketing analytics pay off in companies.

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  1. Professor Moorman,
    Great discussion and I am so gratified to have listened in its entirety! As a career qualitative market researcher, everything in your final comments about listening to the customer was so gratifying to hear! Great stuff!

    Jeanne Garner
    Daytime ’84

    Qualitative Market Researcher
    ZS Associates

  2. Dean Freck MBA '92

    Thank you Professor Moorman. This session was very informative with some good case examples and new definitions of terms I had not heard before. Enjoying these Faculty Conversations for alumni!

  3. This was a very interesting and informative session! Thank you for sharing your expertise.

    Beth Peace (Daytime ’03)

  4. Professor Moorman,
    Most interesting topic. Thank you for your response to my question about managing social media globally across cultures and languages. Focusing on effectively managing marketing locally while having an integrated global strategy, may be the way forward. Still, it seems to me that social media may present challenges to globalizing companies. To illustrate, the target market in country A could, through social media, be influenced by the marketing messages delivered to the very different target market in country B. Hence, social media may perhaps be challenging to a globalizing company seeking different target markets or product versioning across borders and markets. Should this be an increasingly important issue to social media marketers?
    Thank you,
    Jon Vague

  5. Jonathan Graffeo

    Thank you, Professor Moorman; this is a very interesting topic. Is there particular literature that you recommend for further study as it relates to the integration of social media into marketing strategy using analytics?

    Thank you,

    Jonathan Graffeo

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