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Preyas Desai on Family Cell Phone Plans: A Proving Ground for Consumer Bundling

December 9, 2016

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Preyas Desai

Join us for our December 2016 Fuqua Faculty Conversation as Preyas Desai, Spencer R. Hassell Professor of Business Administration, presents:

Family Cell Phone Plans: A Proving Ground for Consumer Bundling

Smartphones are everywhere, and millions of families contain their monthly costs by using a family subscription plan. What most of them don’t realize is that they are part of a bundling of consumers that is new and not completely understood. In this session, Professor Desai will explore how consumer bundling allows firms to improve customer satisfaction while benefitting their own market segmentation schemes.

See the paper “How and When Are Family Subscription Plans Profitable?” by Preyas Desai, Debu Purohit, and Bo Zhou for a detailed exploration of how firms can benefit from offering cell phone family plans.

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  1. in my opinion ..family subscription plans will be more profitable…professor desai is exploring very interesting topic

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