Gavan Fitzsimons on Brand Compatibility

Join us for our September 2018 Fuqua Faculty Conversation as Gavan Fitzsimons, Edward S. & Rose K. Donnell Professor of Marketing and Psychology, presents:

Gavan FitzsimonsBrand Compatibility

In this short video you will learn:

  • If it matters that you and your partner are brand compatible
  • How brand compatibility affects your overall happiness
  • If Grandma’s dating advice matters

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5 Responses to “Gavan Fitzsimons on Brand Compatibility”
  1. Love both the substance and the style of this video. So glad I took the time to watch it! It got me thinking about how our growing-up and coming-of-age experiences play into brand preferences.
    Fuqua ’90

  2. Daryl Spinner says:

    Very interesting! Has this work been published?

  3. Gavan is a super star. Such fascinating research.

  4. Bjoern says:

    Great research. Never though about it this way!

  5. Sanjay Acharya says:

    Perhaps this can be a shortcut for dating apps when they are running their complex matching algorithms? Has any research been done in that area?

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