Fuqua Alumni

Numbering over 17,000, Fuqua has one of the most proactive, responsive and accessible alumni communities of any top business school. Our alumni are engaged across all levels at Fuqua and often return to campus to serve as panelists and keynote speakers for various events including leadership conferences and diversity events. Our community enthusiastically share their perspectives and insights with both current and prospective MBA students. During The Duke MBA LGBTQ Weekend you will have the opportunity to network with our alumni and get your questions answered in group and one-to-one interactions. Regardless of the career path you are seeking, you will gain valuable information from our alumni to aid you on your journey to pursuing an MBA and during your two years at Fuqua. Here are just a few ways in which our alumni give their time and talent back to Fuqua:

  • Serve as corporate recruiters for their companies to identify & select Duke MBA talent
  • Guide students through the career search process
  • Provide strategic guidance for the school
  • Host diversity recruiting events and provide outreach to prospective & admitted students