Fuqua Pride Testimonials



SooMin Lee, Class of 2016 – Team Fuqua Principles on Collective Diversity and Authentic Engagement are not mere slogans to describe and attract top talent, but represent the core of the Duke MBA experience.  By authentically engaging who you are into a community of diverse backgrounds in age, culture, education, geography, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and experience, each MBA student brings perspective that collectively adds to form a whole that is truly greater than the sum of its parts. The weekend brings together top candidates during the Round 1 Interview week providing an experience of being part of a diverse Fuqua student body first-hand.  I highly recommend attending to learn more about the school, about FuquaPride, and network with prospective & current students as well as alumni.


J.P. Higgins, Class of 2012 – “Many MBA programs talk about diversity and teamwork, but few walk-the-walk to the extent that Fuqua does. What is even more impressive is the fact that these values are fundamentally driven by the students themselves. As a result, the student body embraces difference and recognizes the fact that a diverse environment will enhance each individual’s development. Everyday I benefit from my classmates’ unique perspectives and they benefit from mine. As a result, I have grown tremendously as both a team player and a leader over the past year.”



Dave Henning, Class of 2012 – “As an LGBTQ applicant, I was originally concerned that moving from a liberal city to a southern college town would result in a  negative experience. Quite frankly, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Unlike in a big city, Fuqua’s LGBTQ community isn’t insular at all.  The group is seamlessly integrated into the rest of the student body. Members aren’t identified solely on the basis of sexual orientation — it’s just one facet of their contribution to the program. When I applied to Fuqua, I had candid conversations with current students and I visited the campus –- that sold me on the experience. For anyone who is on the fence, I recommend reaching out to current students and making a trip to Durham. Fuqua students are nothing if not enthusiastic about this program (with good reason).”


Jen Snook, Class of 2011 – As a prospective student, all of the schools I was considering seemed to have a fairly limited LGBTQ presence.  So, when I started at Fuqua, I had low expectations for this aspect of my student experience.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was completely wrong regarding this point.  Not only did I find a vibrant LGBT family, but I was overwhelmed by the support and involvement of Fuqua Allies.  I realize now that this inclusivity of LGBT students and their allies is truly representative of the value that the school places on the overall diversity of the student body and the mantra of Team Fuqua.”