Workshop Testimonials

Aki Garrett, Class of 2011 – “The Duke MBA Workshop for Minority Applicants gave me the opportunity to see Fuqua in action, not only as a member of the underrepresented minority population, but also as a member of Team Fuqua at large. I was able to gain a holistic perspective and understanding of what makes Fuqua such a unique place with a rich sense of community, collegiality, and integrity. Ultimately, Fuqua’s unique environment, coupled with its minority alumni network, its world-class faculty and staff and the enthusiasm it has for promoting a diverse student body led me to choose Duke as the place where I would obtain my MBA. This experience came by way of the workshop and this is what set Duke apart from all of the other top-tier business schools I applied to.”


Peter Lamar, Class of 2012 – “Before the workshop, I felt like an imposter, a business outsider uncertain of an MBA world I only knew through statistics, graphs, and rankings. The workshop showed me that not only did I fit in but that I provided a unique perspective. It made the MBA feel real to me, providing an amazing opportunity to realize and understand my MBA aspirations. It was an invaluable and generous introduction to what has now become by chosen career path.

Another equal benefit was that it helped me connect and network with a brilliant and successful fellow group of prospective students. This network of prospects showed me what a great opportunity the Duke MBA was and what I could become. They proved to be a valuable resource as we stayed connected and helped each other long after the event. The faculty were completely candid and open during the intensive weekend. I got to know them personally over the weekend and understand firsthand the character that Fuqua embodies, which proved to be of greater value than any information session.”


Meleata Pinto, Class of 2011 – “Attending The Duke MBA Workshop for Minority Applicants gave me an insider’s view of life at Fuqua. Not only did I participate in an actual case discussion facilitated by one of Fuqua’s award-winning professors, but I also met several current students who were willing to answer all of my questions about business school. The workshop panels provided more details about the unique academic programs that are available, including Health Sector Management (HSM), the Global Consulting Practicum (GCP), and the Center for Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE). From career panels to academic discussions to social events and networking, the workshop was a great opportunity to see TEAM FUQUA in action.  Students, alumni, and staff worked tirelessly to ensure that we received all the critical information needed to make an informed decision about pursuing an MBA degree at Fuqua. Each person involved in the program planning and execution brought a wealth of knowledge, a spirit of service, and a commitment to providing valuable interactions for each of the participants. All of these small actions added up to one big answer for me – I had to come to DUKE. Through my experience at the workshop, I learned that this collaborative environment and more importantly, this school, would provide me with enough support, resources, and encouragement to help me achieve my personal goals.”