Welcome to our on-campus event and interview logistics website!

On this site you will find the following information specific to your event or interview:

•    Event payment information
•    Shipping information
•    Event marketing information
•    Catering options at Fuqua
•    Multimedia information
•    Hotel accommodations
•    Directions and parking
•    Day of arrival and check-in procedures
•    Staff contact information

Please find your event type within the “On-Campus Events” tab to see logistics information.  For interviews, please click the “On-Campus Interviews” tab. We encourage you to share the link to your specific event type with the representative(s) you will be sending to campus so that they are aware of day of arrival and check-in procedures.

Note:  If you have scheduled a Corporate Event (i.e. an event with a club, lunch and learn, etc), please contact your Sector Manager for specific details.

We look forward to hosting you on-campus soon!