Who is eligible to attend The Women’s Leadership Weekend?

While this event is mainly aimed at women, as an inclusive institution, the event is open to all MBA prospective students regardless of their background.

How do I apply for The Women’s Leadership Weekend?

You must complete a brief online event interest form, which includes one short essay and requires a resume submission. The interest form deadline and more details will be shared soon!

When will I be notified of my status for The Women’s Leadership Weekend?

You will receive a notification via email. Important dates and details will be shared in late June.

If I attended The Women’s Leadership Weekend in a previous year, can I attend again this year?

Since space is limited each year, we want to give first priority to those students who have not previously attended.

Will my selection to participate in The Women’s Leadership Weekend be an indication of how competitive I will be in the admissions process?

The selection process for The Women’s Leadership Weekend is separate from the selection process for admission to business school. Your Weekend for Women status is not an indication of how you will fair in the admissions process.

Can I have my admissions interview conducted during The Women’s Leadership Weekend?

You may be invited to complete your admissions interview as space will be limited. If you are not invited to interview, this will have no bearing on your final application and you may be invited to interview at a later date.

If I have already submitted my admissions application, is there a benefit of me attending?

While some of the information presented during The Women’s Leadership Weekend will pertain to the admissions process, the programming will also cover many areas of the business school experience. You will have an opportunity to attend a class, tour the facilities at Duke and Fuqua, and network with alumni, current students and staff, and you will gain valuable information about post-MBA careers and financing your degree.

Will I have an opportunity to interact with the entire Duke community and not just the female community during The Women’s Leadership Weekend?

Yes. Our agenda for the weekend will include activities that will give you exposure to the greater Fuqua community.

What if I am applying for business school next year, can I still attend this year?

Yes. Students who are applying for business school next year are still eligible to apply for The Women’s Leadership Weekend.