How to Apply

Attendance at The Duke MBA Women’s Leadership Weekend is by invitation only, and space is limited.  To be considered for an invitation to the Weekend, all prospective applicants will need to complete our brief online questionnaire. The questionnaire should take approximately one hour or less to complete. It includes sections for 1) biographical information, 2) educational background, 3) work background, 4) a short essay on your post-MBA goals (300 word limit), and 5) resume submission (Note: The questionnaire cannot be started and saved for a later time, though you will be able to review and make changes to your responses before you submit). The deadline for submitting your questionnaire is September 24, 2021.

Once all questionnaires have been received, they will be reviewed by members of the Admissions Team. Decisions regarding Women’s Leadership Weekend have no bearing on admissions decisions for individuals applying, or planning to apply, to The Duke MBA. Invitations to the Weekend will be sent via email at the beginning of October.

Our goal is to bring the MBA experience to as many qualified prospective students as we can.