Who is eligible to attend The Veterans Symposium for Military Applicants?

The Veterans Symposium is designed to address the concerns, experiences, and questions of U.S. military veterans.  Active duty, reserve, and former service members are eligible to attend.  As an inclusive institution, the event is open to all MBA prospective students regardless of their background.

How do I register for the Symposium?

To register to attend, simply complete the online questionnaire.  Once you have submitted the questionnaire and your information is reviewed, you will receive your invitation via email. To ensure receipt of our notifications, update your email settings to always deliver messages from email addresses ending in “@fuqua.duke.edu” and “@duke.edu”. Submit your questionnaire no later than September 19, in order to allow for planning and coordination of events for attendees.

Will I receive confirmation and/or additional communications after I register?

You will receive an automatic email confirmation following your registration.  You will receive periodic updates prior to the event as well, from DAFA and from the Office of Admissions.

Can I have my admissions interview conducted during the Symposium?

We will be offering Admissions interviews during the day on Saturday for individuals who have submitted or will be submitting an application to any Duke MBA program during the 2019 – 2020 application year.  While you do not need to have submitted your application by October 10, you are required to submit a resume in advance.  Once you register for the event, you will receive an email link to schedule your Admissions interview between 0800 and 1200 on Saturday, October 12.  You will need to schedule your interview using Fuqua’s Online Scheduling System.

If I have already submitted my admissions application, is there a benefit of me attending?

Yes. While some of the information presented during the Symposium will pertain to the admissions process, the programming will also cover other areas of the business school experience. You will have an opportunity to attend a class, tour the facilities at Duke and Fuqua, and network with alumni, current students and staff, and you will gain valuable information about post-MBA careers and financing your degree.

Will I have an opportunity to interact with the entire Duke community and not just the veteran community during The Veterans Symposium?

Yes. Our agenda for the day will include activities that will give you exposure to the greater Fuqua community.

What if I am applying for business school next year, can I still attend this year?

Yes. Students who are applying for business school next year are still eligible to attend.

Where should I stay in Durham?

The Office of Admissions is pleased to provide lodging to attendees at the JB Duke Hotel. All rooms provided will be double occupancy, and attendees will be assigned roommates.  If you are traveling with a spouse/partner or family and would require a single occupancy room, please contact Jessica Melton to discuss accommodation.

Can my spouse/partner or family attend the Symposium with me?

Yes. Fuqua is a welcoming community for partners and families, and your family is welcome to visit with you. However, due to space and resource constraints, partners and family are not able to attend all of the events during the day. The curriculum overview, career presentation, Yellow Ribbon overview, and class visit are limited to prospective students only. Partners are welcome to attend all meals, the Keynote speaker, alumni panel, and Fuqua Friday, and children are welcome at meals and Fuqua Friday. Our veteran spouses will be available to help accompanying family with activities and things to do.  We also encourage partners to reach out to the Fuqua Partners organization, which is a very active group that regularly meets with prospective partners. There are also many things to see and do at Duke, in Durham, and in the surrounding areas during the day, so click here for a suggested list of activities, shopping, and restaurants.